OILD – Icy Supermarket…?

Hey there! The marathon is STILL going strong! So much awesomeness! Naming the legendaries, donating shiny Pokémon, and raising lots of money for Ally’s House! But there’s still more to do! Keep up the good work! Today’s ice level is a bit… odd. It’s the… “Icy Supermarket”…?? A level from Yo! Noid.


So I says to TSG, I says, “What levels would be good for Obligatory Ice Level Day?” The conversation that ensued was confusing at best.

“Die Hard!” Local suggested. I reminded him that Die Hard was a movie, not a video game level. He then repeated his answer several times until we reached an agreement that Die Hard was rad enough to be included anyway. “So what stages can I include that are as good as Die Hard?” After some discussion, all of us decided that no stage was good enough. This is why the original OILD list was Die Hard 25 times. While widely considered to be THE GREATEST LIST OF ANYTHING EVER MADE, someone* decided that maybe Obligatory Ice Level Day should have some obligatory ice levels. After I lost two of my toes and three of my ribs in the subsequent kung fu fight, I agreed.

So then Phil suggested a game that, as he put it, “changed [his] life forever.” He insisted that I guess which one. The guessing went on well into the night, long after Phil’s voice went hoarse from giggling girlishly at all of my incorrect responses. “YO! NOID!” he shouted. I didn’t think much of it at the time, since everyone knows Phil screams that every hour, on the hour. Eventually he explained that I should draw something from Yo! Noid. I couldn’t believe I hadn’t thought of it sooner, since Yo! Noid ranks anywhere from 97-99 of The Top 100 Games About Pizza Chain Mascots. How could I ignore such a classic?

Wait, where was I? Oh, yeah. Yo! Noid is actually a modified version of Kamen no Ninja Hanamaru, a game about a little ninja kid with a hawk friend. I don’t think this stage even has a real name; “Icy Supermarket” is the name I got off of GameFAQs.


Today’s wallpaper! “DUDE YOU SO DID THAT AS A GOOF!” NUH-UH! Get this glorious work of art here!

And oh yessir, we have music! Controlling Transmission is the theme of Glacius, the icy alien from Killer Instinct! And it reeks of 90’s attempts at sounding hardcore! OH, NOSTALGIA!

Ok, so to make up for my goofy stupidity in this post, I’ll post MANY REMIXES. Dwelling of Duels actually had a “Fire vs. Ice” duel, and there are many ice remixes on that page, including a few I’ve posted this month! Check them all out, why don’t you?

And make sure to stop by the OILD page and download the soundtrack! You’ll love it lots, oh yes you will!

*the government.

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