OILD – Planet Freon

Yep, it’s Day 2 of the Obligatory Ice Level celebration! Today we’re visiting a whole world. It’s Planet Freon, from Ristar!


Freon is the 5th level of the game, and it’s a rather pretty stage. The slippery ice floors common to these kinds of levels are rampant, but there’s a slight twist; instead of skidding around as you walk, Ristar slides directly across the floor and occasionally flies up ramps and hills.  Additionally, you had to make your way through chilly lakes, avoiding enemies all the while. It wasn’t all bad though; if you left Ristar alone for a bit, he’d pile up some of the surrounding snow and make a cute little snowman! Throughout this stage, a little creature would follow you around and challenge you to snowball fights, but he proved to be a good guy. You see, the boss of this world is Itamor, a giant cat/snowman thing that hates spicy food. The battle would have been impossible had the creature not shown up with some food to toss into his mouth.


Hooray! Here’s some Planet Freon wallpaper! Download the full-sized one here.

So what about music? Well, here we have Ring Rink and Ice Scream, the two Planet Freon songs in Ristar! And while it has nothing to do with anything, here’s Snow Afternoon from Keyboardmania!

And a remix? YOU BET WE GOT A REMIX! This is Freezery, a Freezeezy Peak remix made by TSG community member Kylethedarkn! Both this and he ROCK, so check it out! You’ll be glad you did.

And of course, be sure to visit the soundtrack page if you haven’t yet!

11 thoughts on “OILD – Planet Freon”

  1. Beastly remix Kyle! I’m gonna put this on summit in SSBB!
    I don’t believe I’ve ever heard of this game though it looks like it would have a Sonic the Hedgehog kind of feel to it but I could be wrong. Good thing I got my TSG hoodie because it’s getting as cool as your posts are (very bad joke -_-‘ sorry)

    1. It sure made me happy.

      I’m glad more people acknowledge this masterpiece.
      It really deserves all credit it can get.

      I LOVE Ristar. :3

      (But I love Letifer more. <3)

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