OILD – Rainbow Resort

Here we are with Day 10 and a rather cute little ice level. It’s Rainbow Resort, from Kirby’s Adventure!


It may not have a very “icy” name, but Rainbow Resort is a pretty cold place. Not only is it an arctic land, but Kirby sees it right in the middle of the night. The world map even has an aurora borealis visible in the sky! In reality, Rainbow Resort sort of breaks the “ice level” trope; instead of running through different climates and immediately being hit with a frozen land, Kirby’s Adventure eases you into the icy climate by introducing ice stages near the end of the previous stage. The area is just crawling with snowman enemies called Chillys and dangerous penguins called Pengys. You even get to see the standard ice cave. Unfortunately you don’t get to see too much of the ice and snow before Kirby makes it to a tower full of mini-bosses. After the mini-boss rush, Kirby scaled a frozen mountain by climbing up a series of icy platforms. After that, Kirby was able to reach the stars and the Fountain of Dreams. There he fought King DeDeDe, but the self-proclaimed king of Dream Land might not be as threatening as he seems…


Whooooh! It’s today’s wallpaper of the intro to Rainbow Resort! Go here for the full version!

Whooooh music! Here’s the Rainbow Resort music from Kirby’s Adventure. And here’s Frozen Fantasy from Kirby Canvas Curse, which is actally a remix of Rainbow Resort!

And whooooh remixes! I Want You Inside Me has a risque title, but it’s a great remix of Rainbow Resort, by halc!

3 thoughts on “OILD – Rainbow Resort”

  1. Gotta love Kirby games, basically eat everything you see and if you can’t eat it you kill it instead and move on. The songs title leaves me a bit comment-less but it is a pretty good remix like you said. The wallpaper is pretty cute (as a guy its a word I hate saying but its true) I think its the way you drew Kirby with the blushing and the singing. It also has an overall relaxing feel to it as well. Great job as always, looking forward to tomorrows OILD post!

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