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Day 6! Day 6! Yes, it’s Day 6 of our Obligatory Ice Level celebration! So it’s time to talk about a revolutionary game for our revolutionary holiday. Today it’s Sidewinder, from Halo!


There’s a bit of nostalgia for me in this stage. Halo blew up when I was going to school in Canada with people from all over the world, and it proved to be a nice bonding experience. Halo proved that no matter what country you’re from, you’re going to love shooting people with the Needler and running them over in the Warthog. Anyway, we played quite a few matches on Sidewinder, Halo’s icy map.

Sidewinder is a horseshoe-shaped map with icy patches all over the place. While it doesn’t make running too difficult, it does make driving the vehicles pretty dang tricky.  There are also some pretty tall cliffs, which can be used as prime sniper nests. To this day I remember one of the players freaking out and screaming “YOU SNIPERS WHERE IN THE WORLD ARE YOOUUU” after being killed for the 70th time. There’s also a little collection of frosty tunnels down below connecting the two opposing bases, which makes Capture the Flag games pretty fun. Your buddy can slam a vehicle into some opponents while you sneak into their base like a sneaky sneakenstein! Who wouldn’t love that?

Also I’d like to mention that I love Bungie’s attitude towards their fanbase. Halo is so huge that it’d be easy for a developer to get a big head and look down upon its fans, but not Bungie. They love that interaction and they love making their fans happy. And they help out charities, too! I doubt anyone from Bungie will ever see this, but on the off chance that they do: You guys are an inspiration and you rock forever!


Wallpaper! I had to throw in a Grunt because I love ’em. Get the full size here!

Music! Kind of a different selection today. I went with the “futuristic vehicle” theme and picked out White Land 1 and White Land 2, from F-Zero! White Land’s music also ended up in Super Smash Brothers Brawl, so here’s White Land (SSBB version)!

And bonus remix! Here we have the oddly-titled Go Blow Snow for a Year, a remix of “Story” from Snow Bros., by housethegrate. It’s a strange little guitar and synth mix, but it’s good stuff.

And our other bonus remix! Select Start’s A Wish, from Secret of Mana. Select Start is a group that specializes in video game covers, and they’re amazing. Not only were they friendly and enthusiastic, but they always kept me up-to-date on the status of the music. A Wish was a high-priority song for me, and the group did a heartwarmingly beautiful rendition of it. I’m so glad they did it! Their sound is so soothing and pretty that you’ll want to listen to this song over and over. Additionally, they have a free CD available on their site! You should definitely get it. There’s not a single bad track in the bunch.

5 thoughts on “OILD – Sidewinder”

  1. Aha awesome stuff Ana! I love the Wallpaper and the remix! : D I have to agree I think Bungie is awesome! And I as well had a lot of fun memories playing on Side Winder as well. Awesome job Ana! (thumbs up)

  2. I forgot about this stage, me and my friend would take the warthogs and try to crash into each other either head on or using the ice to tail whip each other and try to see who would flip first then run them down before they got back to their warthog. Hilarious wallpaper Ana, great music and the free CD was awesome to so thanks to Select Start for a great soundtrack. I loved your nostalgic description of the stage, makes me wanna go back and play this again!

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