OILD – Sunset Rock

Today’s the big day! The Pokemon marathon starts TONIGHT! I know the stream is already up and as such, few people will see these next few updates until after the marathon. But that’s ok! For some folks it might be like a flood of fun after the show. Today’s level is kind of an unexpected one, but cute nonetheless. It’s Sunset Rock, from Snowboard Kids!


Snowboard Kids naturally had a lot of snowy courses, but Sunset Rock is the cutest in my opinion. Mostly because of the penguins. Near the beginning of the course, you race past a huge penguin-shaped house. There are also penguins waddling around the course, and running into them will cause you to lose precious time. After that, you can board past a snowy forest, but make sure to avoid the gigantic boulders that rain down from above! There are also several huge jumps after this, which offers you a few chances to pull some nice tricks. There’s also a huge snowman that shoots ice out of its eyes, which is a bit bizarre. After that is a snowy cave with huge penguin signs stapled to the entrance, as all snowy caves should have. When you get to the end, a flock of macaroni penguins are there to greet you! Congratulations! You have now snowboarded your way into their little spheniscene hearts.


Today’s wallpaper, folks! I got the idea for this after seeing 1stpkmnfan’s Snowboard Kids marathon. Get the full-size version here!

And our music! I couldn’t pick a single Snowboard Kids tune, so instead I went with Frozen Ray, a song from Keyboardmania. YES IT HAS “FROZEN” IN THE NAME SO IT COUNTS QUIET YOU.

And now for a bonus remix! Rainbow Snowland is actually two remixes in one. It combines Frappe Snowland and Rainbow Road, from Mario Kart 64, and it’s by Dhsu!

And don’t forget to visit the official Obligatory Ice Level Day page and download the soundtrack! It has great remixes by Posu Yan, Joshua Morse, and Select Start! What are you waiting for? DOWNLOAD IT!

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