OILD – The Summit

Day 12 and we’re one day closer to the Pokémon marathon! That puts me in a Nintendo mood. And that’s why today’s ice level is The Summit, from Super Smash Brothers Brawl!


The Summit is based on the game Ice Climber, and serves as the Ice Climbers’ home turf. The battle starts off at the top of an icy mountain, based on the mountains from the old game. At this point things are relatively normal; the tiny ice platforms can be broken, but that’s not so weird. After a while, the top breaks off and careens down the mountainside at high speeds. Any fighter crazy enough to jump off will have a tough time getting back on, as the chipped mountaintop is continually sliding away. Finally, it lands into a freezing sea. The new glacier will float for a while while one of the polar bears from Ice Climber inexplicably finds itself on top of it. Those unfortunate enough to land in the water will meet almost certain doom, as the fish from Balloon Fight will swallow them whole. On the plus side, the vegetables from Ice Climber occasionally appear, and you can pick them up to get some health!


And our wallpaper for today! Samus doesn’t get why DeDeDe’s so scared, though… Oh well, just grab the full version here!

You know we have music! Ice Climber title theme, with some of the stage/win music thrown in for good measure. And since the Ice Climbers were in Super Smash Brothers Melee, here’s Icicle Mountain, the SSBM version of some of the game’s music! And here’s The Summit, the Smash Brothers Brawl version of the songs! The events in The Summit stage are meant to sync up with this song, actually. Play it for yourself and see!

And a rather fitting bonus remix! Snow Cone Heaven is a remix of a few Ice Climber songs, by Mazedude! It’s simple, it’s fun, and it’s definitely a great ice level mix.

Now don’t forget to promote the marathon in any way you can! Post about it in your blogs, tweet it, tip off gaming sites, mention it in forums you frequent… do anything you can! Let’s make this a dynamic end to a year of great entertainment and even better charity work!

4 thoughts on “OILD – The Summit”

  1. SSBB! I’ve been waiting for this one! First off, the wallpaper is awesome, I love the expressions, especially D3! I hate to admit it but I never knew that the fish here was the same fish from Balloon Fight, I hate that fish none the less. Can’t really call this music nostalgic for be because I hear it pretty often but it’s still really good. Great job again, this is one of my favorite ones although i’m biased because of the game.

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