OILD – Viaduct

And now it’s Day 7 of the OILD celebration! It’s been a fun week, hasn’t it? And there’s still more fun to be had! Especially on today’s level. It’s Viaduct, from Team Fortress 2!


One of the newest ice levels to be featured in this year’s OILD, this version of the map is also known as koth_viaduct. “KOTH” refers to “King of the Hill,” and this is the first new official TF2 map to feature King of the Hill-style gameplay. The goal is simple; capture the single control point, and hold it for a total of three minutes. As with all TF2 matches, this quickly escalates into two teams of lunatics violently destroying each other.

Unlike most ice levels, the snowy theme really doesn’t affect gameplay. There are no slippery ice patches or evil snowmen. Instead the snow theme is purely aesthetic, but I have to say this may be the best looking official TF2 map out there. The snow-covered evergreens in the distance, the way the sunlight reflects off the snow on the roofs, the distant mountains, the gentle flurry… it’d almost be soothing if it wasn’t for the maniacs constantly shooting, stabbing, and exploding each other. As the first official KOTH map, this is also the home of the infamous “overtime” glitch; if the game goes into overtime and the two teams are still running all over the point, the announcer will yell “OVERTIME!” repeatedly, sometimes interrupting herself. This leads to a pretty amusing bout of “Overtime….OVERTI–overtime…OVERTIME! ooovertiiiime” until the match ends. It was so popular that even after they patched it, Valve allowed for the glitch to be “turned on” by a server if the server’s owner so chose.

Speaking of which, Valve is another developer that’s very nice to its fans. Not only do they listen to the community’s suggestions for future content, but they’re very supportive of the modding community. They don’t slap people with lawsuits for fanwork; in fact, buying their games gives you access to all sorts of tools for animating their models and making your own maps. They want you to have your own fun with their games, and I love that about them. If you’re looking for some awesome holiday cards, why not get some Team Fortress 2 cards, or even Left 4 Dead or Left 4 Dead 2 cards?


Hooray for today’s wallpaper! The full version is here, so GET GOING!

Viaduct doesn’t have it’s own unique music, but there’s still music to be had! Sno, Yell Oh! is from Sno, the ice level in Skullmonkeys. I figured it’s appropriately goofy for a post about the funniest game in the world.

And the bonus remix! Flurry of the Frozen Fury is a remix of Blizzard Man’s stage from Mega Man 6, by Vurez. It’s not goofy, but still really great.

And of course our other bonus remix and final track on the official Obligatory Ice Level soundtrack, Select Start’s Route 216, from Pokémon Diamond and Pearl! I was so glad when Select Start said they’d take on this song. Route 216 is snowy, from Pokémon, and full of catchy music, so I knew it’d be great for this event. They did such a wonderful job on it, too! Just like the tracks by Joshua Morse and Posu Yan, Select Start’s songs turned out even better than I anticipated. They all deserve a round of applause, don’t they? And speaking of Select Start, tomorrow I’ll be posting some awesome news about them! You won’t want to miss it, so be sure to check back!

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  1. I never got to try out TF2 yet so sadly I don’t have a long and overwhelming story that no one probably reads about this game. Though I can say that I love the wallpaper and may put this one over that Wilhelm and Zee one on the giant cactus that you showed me, only for a bit thought, just to have a holiday theme on for now!

  2. I’m surprised no one noticed or said anything (at least here) about the fan-made 10th class shown in this picture, the Guard Dog.

    Also, 10-day late post is 10 days late.

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