OILD – Welcome To The Temple

Hey there! The marathon is still going strong! I hope everyone’s having fun! I know you probably won’t see this until after the show but hey! I’m updating anyway! SO THERE! Anyway, today’s level is a lesser-known one. It’s Welcome to the Temple, from Comix Zone!


Welcome to the Temple is the second stage of the game, so you pretty much jump right into the ice level in this story. After comic book artist Sketch Turner is pulled into his own comic, he has to fight his way through an army of his own creations. The temple is located in a snowy region akin to the Himalayas, but the village has been overrun by the enemy. The moment Sketch arrives, a thug tells him there’s a tournament. Why? Who knows why. Regardless, Sketch decides to enter, then promptly thanks the enemy by punching him to death. The tournament consists of punching and kicking about 90 people, and from there Sketch can infiltrate the rest of the temple. Here the chapter gives way to a sewer stage, but this ain’t Obligatory Sewer Level Day!… or is it? I forget…


Yeah, today’s wallpaper! I could have made it a comic book theme YET I DID NOT. Get the full version HERE!

And now today’s music! Let’s Go Back Home for Christmas is a song from Keyboardmania, and I think the title is quite fitting, don’t you? Honestly there should be other game songs for other holidays, since I can’t think of any off the top of my head. Still! Cute song! Enjoy the creepy goggle-eyed cartoon that accompanies this music too!

And a remix! Icy Peaks is a remix of Paradise ~ Deep Mountain, a song from Touhou Project: Perfect Cherry Blossom, and it’s by Justus Johnston! I have yet to play a Touhou game because I tend to play every game in a series in order and I know if I try that with Touhou, I’ll be in for a long, painful process. THE GAMES ARE VERY DIFFICULT IS WHAT I’M TRYING TO SAY HERE.

And don’t forget to stop by the Obligatory Ice Level Day page and download the soundtrack! The soundtrack was made just for OILD so you need to listen to it! It’s fantastic!

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