OILD – Winter Season

Today’s the last day of TSG’s Pokémon marathon! I hope you’ve had a lot of fun, and a huge THANKS to everyone who promoted and donated! You helped out a great charity! Today’s ice level is from The Legend of Zelda series, which is Britt’s (TSG’s founder) favorite series ever. I figured it’d be fitting to post it today. It’s the winter season, from Oracle of Seasons!


In this game, Link was granted the Rod of Seasons. When he used it on tree stumps, the seasons would instantly change, and this was the basis of many of the game’s puzzles.  The winter season thinned out trees so you could walk past them, created giant snow piles for you to walk across, and froze over lakes so you could walk around on them. One locked house even had a sign that said “SANTA WELCOME” on it. By changing the season to winter, Link could walk across a snowpile and jump down the chimney into the house. The girl inside knows he’s not Santa, but she does give him the shovel so he can shovel the snow in her front lawn.

Yep, today’s wallpaper! Once again I tried to make it look more like the sprites. Get the full version here!

And some music, you know! The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess had quite a notable ice level in Snowpeak. Snowpeak is the theme to that area, and it’s a kind of cold, lonely version of the general Hyrule theme from the game. Snowpeak Ruins is a huge mansion owned by Yeto, a giant snowbeast. Snowboarding plays when Link is… wait for it… SNOWBOARDING! Yeah, there’s more music , but I won’t spoil it.

And now a super-special bonus remix! Frozen Wasteland is a wonderful Snowpeak remix, by TSG community member Kylethedarkn! Clearly Kyle is AWESOME and should be recognized as such! THANKS BUDDY!

And don’t forget to visit the soundtrack page! You can get some nice Obligatory Ice Level wallpapers there too, and get the link to the other OILD posts!

Keep it up, people! We’ve almost reached our goal! And chances are we’ll have beaten it and caught all the little pocket monsters by the time most of you see this. And for that, THANKS!

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