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Details regarding the 72 hour Pokemon Marathon that starts on December 18th at 6 pm cst:
We, TheSpeedGamers, are a group of gamers who play video games to raise money for different causes. We have been a group for nearly two years now and have raised approximately $100,000 for various causes.
Our events typically last 72 hours in which we broadcast ourselves playing video games while also giving commentary. There is a chat room that accompanies the video game feed so that the viewers can interact with the players and each other. Three games will be featured at a time, we will rotate the games being shown. Everything can be viewed on TheSpeedGamers.com.

During the Pokemon marathon we will be raising money for Ally’s House while trying to catch all 493 Pokemon.Β  There will be a counter so that the viewers can keep track of how many Pokemon we have caught.
Donations will be gathered using a chip in widget; debit, credit cards and paypal can be used to donate.

Gaming Rules:

  • All Pokemon must be caught within TheSpeedGamer’s house, no trades will be done to outsiders,
  • All pokemon that are only attainable through events only will be pre-loaded onto one of the carts.
  • Games being played: Fire Red, Leaf Green, Heart Gold, Soul Silver, Ruby, Sapphire, Diamond, Pearl.

Additional info:
Our goal will be $15,000. Once we reach $5,000 we will show a trailer made by forum member ggs.cythe that will announce all of our marathons in 2010!Β  The chipin widget will go up Tuesday Dec. 15th.

94 thoughts on “Pokemon marathon details”

  1. I can’t wait for this awsome marathon to start this Friday. This marathon will also mark mine and a lot of other’s TSGaversaries. And to be able watch them play HGSS will be amazing.

  2. Good Luck TSG. I wish I could be here for the marathon, but I’m gonna be in Las Vegas. I’ll still try and donate though.
    The trailer will be on the website after right?

    1. This! IDK when we’ll reach 5k and if I’m going to be up and on the stream watching the marathon so for those who miss it, will we have a change to see it later?

  3. This looks to be an interesting fund-raiser/marathon. I will try to follow as much as I can, being on the weekend right before Christmas and all …

    So … if my math is correct … every Pokemon caught is worth $30.43 of donations?

  4. I’m a little surprised that you’re not using Platinum, seeing as it has all the same events as Diamond and Pearl, only without like 5 or 6 pokemon. Oh well, I won’t question your methods of play, mostly because you’ll be using HG and SS, and though I’ve played it before, I wanna be able to see someone else play them too XD

  5. So, are three games played at once and the game shown rotates or does everyone play at the same time? If the former is the case, that’ll be about 22 hours and 30 minutes per game to get every PokΓ©mon, even the ones that only appear after the main storyline. I doubt that it’ll be easy.
    Well, good luck to all of you!

    1. All the games are being played at the same time, just the featured games being watched will being changing every so many hours to allow the viewers to track all players progress in their game =) Hope that helps!

        1. Why would they trust someone who they don’t know on a big role of accomplishing tasks during a marathon? They would trust only people that have been training and they actually know.

  6. If you get all 493 pokemon in under 72 hours, what will you be doing afterwards? Collecting all the various forms of the pokemon? (3 version of burmy, 2 of Gastrodon, 28 of unown etc)

    1. MC Dirty is right, we’ve got the impossible ones pre-loaded. Although you might be interested to know that there are really bizarre roundabout ways to get all of them anyway through other releases like My Pokemon Ranch, Colosseum’s bonus disc, etc. (All except for Deoxys, Shaymin, and Arceus)

  7. Could you please put the marathon on iTunes as a podcast once it is done because I will not be home to watch it as I will not be home, because I will be on vacation!

        1. We will probably have some footage of the marathon, however it will probably only be clips and small segments and it won’t be in the form of a podcast. It will actually more than likely be put on TSG Replay.

  8. This is gonna be awesome!

    Just a couple quick questions:

    -Are you going to put all the pokemon on one cartridge like last year?
    -Are you going to have one of every evolution (i.e. a dratini, dragonair, and dragonite) or will the pokedex entries alone count as having them. I ask this because if you have a dragonite, all you have is a dragonite, so shouldn’t you have to get the rest of the evos?
    -Which 3 games will be shown first?

    That’s all. Just some lingering questions. Can’t wait!

    1. We’re going to try to get them all onto the same cartridge, yes.

      So long as the final cartridge has all of the pokedex entries, no, we will not necessarily try to get 493 individual pokemon onto the file.

      Not sure πŸ˜›

    1. FireRed

      Aww, can’t wait to see Chugga in real! I’ve always been wondering how’d he looks like.

      Just something I don’t know.. How do you indend to film handheld console video if you’re not using emulators? I remember reading somewhere that TSG doesn’t use emulators, so I’m assuming your playing with real consoles, WHICH leads to conclusion that you need to capture video from handheld consoles and that’s not something I don’t know how to do (If you use camera it’s usually pretty bad video quality, etc..)

      So How?

      1. For the GBA games we are using a gamecube adapter called a gameboy advance player. For the DS games, we have built a contraption to hold a webcam that will hover over the game screen.

  9. Hey guys I just wanted to wish you luck with this marathon!!!!… this will be the first in two years that I’ve missed :(… I’ll peek in as often as I can and probably pop into chat every once in a while to talk to you guys!!


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