Route TSG Episode 5: Metroid

Oscar is a machine…first Megaman, now Metroid. Is there nothing this huggable mexican will not do for our entertainment? the long answer is No. I hear rumors of a video on youtube where he danced around shirtless to Spice Girls, but I digress.

Hope everyone enjoys watching Oscar dominate Metroid again.

One more part after the jump.

11 thoughts on “Route TSG Episode 5: Metroid”

  1. lol nice picture selection and I think the shirtless video is a rumor too. Anyways I did pretty bad facing the final boss on this run. But I do great during marathons when it counts! Second part of the run it seems like I’m talking to myself but I’m actually talking to Rob. Don’t want anyone thinking I’m crazy or something. Enjoy!

    1. In this type of run, it’s actually tougher to collect AMMO. Stupid enemies just don’t give nearly enough if you only fight one boss.

      Actually you’re half right though. If you’re not in Tourian yet, it takes forever to get health, since you get less from an enemy than damage dealt if you mess up. It’s just that Metroids drop health like crazy.

  2. The Zebetites, those pipe things that look like they’re full of gumballs or something at the end that block you from Mother Brain, regenerate a hit if it goes a full second taking no hits. I think they take 7 hits, if you don’t let them regenerate at all.

    Mother Brain: After you remove the glass covering (one missile), I think it takes 75 missiles to kill. But I’m pretty sure it retains the damage you dealt in the previous lives (you only got in 28 missiles in the last round for the kill). Just keep pummeling it at every chance you get, even if you only get in like 2 free shots. It takes forever to get the rinkas all frozen. It is as tough as it seems from this video.

    Also about Ridley: His area is extremely tough, but he’s a real pushover himself. You can basically stand still and keep shooting to beat him.

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