Rumor: PSPGo getting a UMD add-on via Logitech

If you happen to have a stack of UMDs around and only a PSPGo you will be happy to hear there may be a way to play your old physical games on your PSPGo.

CVG recently got a tip that Logitech¬† is working on a add on for the PSPGo that will allow the system to use UMDs. The source said the only issue with it right now is that “…it’ll make the PSP a little bulky.”

The source did not reveal if there is a price point or if there is a release date in mind yet.

One thought on “Rumor: PSPGo getting a UMD add-on via Logitech”

  1. Sony is lucky that Logitech has their back. Were it not for something like this, surely full support of the PSPGo would spell doom for the PSP name and be a bad choice for Sony. Honestly, though, there should have been something like this from the get go – and if bulkiness was their worry then it should’ve at least come as either an optional add-on or an option package for the system like the 360 has with its arcade package and what not.

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