Sonic designer making a new mascot-style platforming game

Naoto Ohshima, who designed Sonic and Dr. Robotnik, recently had a interview with Gamasutra. The interview touched briefly on some of his past work like NiGHTS and Sonic the Hedgehog, but there was also a interesting tidbit related to a title he is currently working on.

During the interview, Oshima was asked if he would ever work on another mascot-style platformer again and he said “Ah, well, I’m making a game like that right now. (laughs) I can’t quite talk about that yet, though. In more general terms, the game needs to be something that anyone is able to play, and it needs to have one thing or element that is brand new, that hasn’t been done before.

It isn’t often you see a mascot game nowadays, but it would be great to see one that might catch on. Need less of those silly bald space marines out there. The only character I recall in recent memory have ever that have really stuck is sackboy from Little Big Planet, but who knows where or if he will be in the video game industry in 10 to 20 years later like Sonic and Mario have.

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