Upcoming PlayStation 3 update opens up PSP Minis for PS3 owners

If you only own a PlayStation 3 or just want to play your PSP minis on a PS3 then you’re in luck. On December 17th there will be a optional update for PlayStation 3 users that will allow the PS3 to emulate PSP minis. PlayStation 3 owners will also be able to purchase them even without a PSP. If you already own a PSP Mini for your PSP you can download it for free on the PlayStation 3.

Aside from the PSP Minis, the update will also allow PlayStation 3 users to transfer data from one console to another which will be when upgrading from a old PS3 model to a slim. In order to find exactly what you will need to transfer the data check out PlayStation Blog’s post.

(Image Source: Kotaku)

2 thoughts on “Upcoming PlayStation 3 update opens up PSP Minis for PS3 owners”

  1. kotaku is wrong the update date its out today. the reason people don’t notis it is that its a optional opdate so you have to check for updates manually.

  2. It’s hard to get excited about this since it only applies to those few games. Now if it was something to simply let you play all PSP games through your PS3, that’d be awesome.

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