VG Flash #26 – Snowboard Cross

Well it’s just a few days until the marathon, so I figured I should show the promo cartoon I did for it. Here’s VG Flash #26: Snowboard Cross!


Snowboard Cross is based on “DK’s Snowboard Cross,” aka “DK Summit” from Mario Kart Wii. I was trying to go for some simpler shapes, since the frame-by-frame stuff I was doing with Raccoon City was hurting my hand. It’s a simple little short, but I think it’s cute anyway. I got a new version of Flash after this, so hopefully I can experiment with some weird new stories in the coming year!

2 thoughts on “VG Flash #26 – Snowboard Cross”

  1. Yay, a new flash! I love Mario Kart Wii but snowboards, do I hear a new style of Mario racing!? One of the first thing I noticed in the flash is a TSG banner in the background. I loved how around the 54 second mark Wilhelm was worried about the jump and Zee jumped on him to help him across, didn’t see that coming and it was awesome. Awesome flash is awesome, and yours are a step above that!

  2. Oh what the hell, those freaky audience members look like my Mii.

    Anyway this was very well executed, both technically and artistically! It’s much cleaner than your usual works and I like that. My favourite part is when Wilhelm is going underneath the arcs.

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