A new addition to TSG

I’ve spoke a lot about wanting new content on our website to keep the community entertained in between marathons. We have taken another step in the right direction and will unveil our newest contributor soon. I know that everyone will enjoy his exceptional work and style.

Keep checking back on the website for a video announcement sometime in the next week or two.

25 thoughts on “A new addition to TSG”

      1. What? Preposterous! 😛

        I’m looking forward to finding out who is joining the ranks of the TSG Bloggers. Since the mention of a video announcement, I have one main idea who it is, but won’t say (NOT CHUGGAA). I have a few other ideas, but again won’t share.

  1. Dear TSG, my name is Marwan, and Ive been trying my best since the Pokemon Marathon to contact you and ask you if I can help during the marathons by streaming a broadcast, of me commentating like Rust did, and some other TSG hosts did. I live in Australia, just like Ryan (Rust) and I dont live that far from him and I was wondering if I could do what he does. It would be great if you could accept me because Ive always wanted to help, and please think about it. I would love to help you guys, emphasis on the LOVE!

    1. Please, if you could give me a yes or no reply at “TLN24@hotmail.com”. Thank you for your time, hopefully I can help and keep doing what you do.

      1. Not to sound rude, but it’s not possible to be accepted completely out of the blue. Gain the trust of TSG by joining their community forums (The “Community” link at the top of the page) and become an active part of the community. There are also a lot of community marathons, some of which require commentators from within the community. This can provide practice as such and can get you used to commentating and also to see whether you enjoy it or not.

        If you’re not willing to do all that, then you’re ill fitted to become a commentator, who take time out of their day to entertain marathon viewers.

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