Community Podcast #3

Participating in the third community podcast are forum members: ck14500,  Masamune , the1stpkmnfan, PokemonCheese, Snozberries, and Skeletor1991.

TheSpeedGamer’s official podcast # 20 is on its way folks 😉


9 thoughts on “Community Podcast #3”

  1. Cheese, I love you 🙂

    Pkmnfan, I knew you would say that >..> Or do I? Did you record it all by yourself without Weegee Calvin? I see you have audacity now.

    Congrats new podcasters: Welcome to the back-ups group 😀

  2. Great podcast, guys! And Pkmnfan, that was such a cute story about you and your friend in the first grade, I couldn’t help but say “d’awwww!” :3

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