Expect less, but better, Wii games from Capcom

With Capcom France’s comments about Wii titles it seemed like Capcom was planning on pushing away from the Wii audience, but Capcom’s Senior Director Chris Kramer patches things up by explaining what Capcom’s new plan is for Wii.

In 2010, you won’t see as many Wii games from Capcom, but the ones we release will be much larger, event-size games.” says Kramer. Kramer thinks that other 3rd parties will also follow this strategy. “I also expect to see the market dominated more and more by Nintendo releases with fewer games from the major third parties, like EA, Activision, and Ubisoft.

Less, but better, Wii games sounds like a fine plan to me and with Monster Hunter Tri and Tatsunoko vs. Capcom on the way early 2010 is looking like a good start for Capcom in 2010. Now it is just a matter of Capcom pushing Wii owners to buy these titles…especially Monster Hunter since that series generally bombs in the west at retail.

Do you think Capcom past releases on the Wii could have been of better quality?

(Source: Gamasutra)

4 thoughts on “Expect less, but better, Wii games from Capcom”

  1. Capcom’s one of those developers that really takes care of the games they make, so I’m not too worried. I’d rather have few absolutely magical games with many hours of gameplay than many bland and short games (Not that I’m saying Capcom’s games are that). My one dream for the Wii: A MegaMan Battle Network games with online capabilities similar to Monster Hunter.

  2. Force feeding rail shooters down the consumers throat after teasing us with an amazing port of RE4 is just bad business. The people who will buy majority of Capcom’s games are the hardcore, realize that and you find your self in a couple million homes.

    1. I personally would like to see them go back to the RE3.5 style. Sort of like Resident Evil 4, but with the design and setting of a older Resident Evil title.

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