Fewer games from EA in 2010

While Capcom may just be applying the fewer games but better quality approach to the Wii, Electronic Arts is applying it to all the consoles this year. EA Europe’s  Senior VP Jens Uwe Intant said “Our aim is to do less games and do them better

Intant didn’t not say how much of a cut back it would be from their normal line up, only saying “I can’t tell you exactly how many less games we’ll release in 2010, but it will be less.” Considering it is EA, one of the biggest third parties out there, there will still be plenty of content from them over 2010, so I wouldn’t worry too much about them cutting back.

(Source: MCV)

One thought on “Fewer games from EA in 2010”

  1. Psh, if they just cut out all the lousy Sims spinoffs and redundant sports games, they’ll already have halfed their output, I’m sure. 😛
    As long as Dead Space 2 makes the cut, I’m good.

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