Final Fantasy may see some major changes after XIII

Aside from Final Fantasy XIV which is a MMO, Final Fantasy XIII may be the last Final Fantasy to carry over the traditional style of gameplay. Yoichi Wada, president and CEO of Square-Enix, recently spoke with EDGE about the future of Final Fantasy. His statement might be of a bit concerning for long time Final Fantasy fans.

I believe Final Fantasy XIII is going be something special, and that it’s going to be well received by the audience. But whether we are going to continue to internally create this type of game remains to be seen, because I actually feel that the team that was involved with Final Fantasy XIII should next move on to create and generate some ‘next generation’ forms of play.”

I’m all for change, but I could imagine that many Final Fantasy fans don’t want to see the series branch off from its traditional roots.

Do you want to see Final Fantasy move in a new direction?  Or would you rather the franchise continue on the same path leaving the risk taking for spin offs?

(Source: EDGE)

12 thoughts on “Final Fantasy may see some major changes after XIII”

  1. I want them to stick to the traditional way out, keeping the same way it’s been for years. Of course, spin-offs aren’t totally forbidden, but I would like to see a continuation of things the way they’ve been going. (Like Final Fantasy 15, then 16)

    But I think one thing we can all agree on is that we need Final Fantasy 5 and 6 ported to the DS. Then we’d have the complete set of 2-d games on handheld.

  2. I’d personally like for them to keep the traditional gameplay, while experimenting with new elements and game dynamics that will both keep it fresh and compelling.

  3. It’s been a good run, let them do what they want.
    Of course, that’s not going to be the general opinion. Protests outside Square Enix HQ, petition signing, it’s gonna be hilarious!

    Well, if they’re hinting at a real time battle system, good for them!

  4. To be honest, i dont want them to move in a different direction. i absolutely HATED XII, and im hoping that XIII will be decent. go back to the style of 6 and 7. with the traditional leveling too, no the sphere grid stuff.

  5. If they can do what Capcom did and bring back the awesome 8-bit Mega Man games, I truly feel that these guys over at Square-Enix should also give that a chance, and go back to turn-based combat like they used to have on the NES or the somewhat turn-based gameplay on the SNES. That would be amazing and I think they will get an increase in sales if they do make this change, rather than going on to make some “new generation” games

  6. I’ve really liked the last two final fanatsy’s 12’s mmo style was really interesting to me and 13’s(i bought the japanese version) fast paced battles are extremely fun. I don’t know exactly what direction they would want to take the series, but so far so good with the innovations to the old systems.

  7. It’s about time. More series need to re-invent themselves or just take a break for several years. If you’ve played every single FF then you’ve gotten hundreds of hours of entertainment. There’s no reason to make more of the same. At least not for a while.

    But I get the feeling Square will make one or two games in this vein and then go back to “classic FF” and we’ll get 20 more sequels to Pretty People With Problems: The Stat-Raising Quest of Destiny.

    (I say this as someone who enjoys Final Fantasy)

    1. Totally agree with this, Ana. I think it’s great that they want to change things up a bit. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with trying something out of the norm. If we didn’t try new things every once in a while, nothing would ever change (though it seems like that would be the only way to make some people happy)

  8. I’d love to see something that’d be a strange mash-up between classic ATB, the pre-disposed class builds, and the free-form making (within limits), so you don’t end up with the “healer/White Mage” having access to Ultima and Flare, but still allowing Fire/Fira access, maybe… So you can have everyone good at what they do, but able to dabble with what everyone else can do.

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