Heavy Rain CES trailer, release date officially announced


The trailer is in Japanese, but still quite impressive.  Those planning on picking up the PlayStation 3 exclusive will be able to grab the title on February 23rd, a little over a month away.

US and Canada residence can get the first episode of DLC for free when pre-ordering  Heavy Rain from specific retailers. Retailers listed for each region after the jump.

(Trailer source: Machinima)
(Release Date source: PlayStation Blog)

Pre-order Retailers
Game Crazy
Gamestop (Online and In-store)

EB Games

(Pre-order source: PlayStation Blog)

2 thoughts on “Heavy Rain CES trailer, release date officially announced”

  1. This looks very interesting. Some sort of interactive mystery drama. Havent played either of Quantic Dream’s other titles, but im looking forward to this.

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