I Am Alive might have Multiplayer

We don’t know much about I Am Alive other then that is a first person survival game taking place in a town struck by a earthquake, but now we know it might have multiplayer as well.

According to Blend Games about a month ago the Dev team for I Am Alive were hiring a “Lead Multiplayer Designer.” Blend Games also reported that recently the game director for I Am Alive has a posting on his LinkedIn profile saying “we’re doing some exciting stuff and if you are a lead mp (multiplayer) designer, drop me a line.

I’m not exactly sure how they could pull off the disaster environment in multiplayer. Unless of course they just tack on a generic multiplayer and call it a day.

I Am Alive is currently set for a 2011 release.

(Via: Destructoid)

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    I like the sound of this game! I love survival games like FallOut 3. Sad about the 2011 release though, specially since 2010 just started.

    As for multiplayer, I’d like to see how they’d pull it off.

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