Last Window Trailer (Update)


This is probably the first real look we have at Last Window minus that short ten second clip we had before. Overall it looks fairly good, although it looks like the whole engine was just recycled from the last game. Admitally Hotel Dusk: Room 215’s graphics weren’t exactly its highpoint though.

We also get a first look at the Novel within the game. While the novel is rather plain (how exciting can a pages with letters on it look?), it looks like it could be fairly lengthy though.

Update: Oh I lied, there are two trailers. Second one is after the jump.


2 thoughts on “Last Window Trailer (Update)”

  1. I think it’s interesting that the DS “used” in the preview is an XL..definitely a game they’re marketing to the older crowd. Unless that’s just a coincidence, in which case..not so interesting.


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