Magfest 8 chronicles! (part 1)

Well the weekend is over and i am sorely sad to see it pass.  The past almost week has been amazing.  So much happened and there is so much to talk about, I can’t fit it all into one article, so click through to read all about the Adventure of Phil, Baltes, and Tim at Magfest 8!

Phil arrived Tuesday night and Tim and I picked him up from the airport.  This kinda sucked because I still had to work Wednesday and a bit on Thursday but with New Years day came our New Years Eve stream of NSMBW and I don’t even know what word besides phenomenal can be used to describe the evening.

Video of all but the first hour of our New Years Eve stream can be found here:

Thanks Rakuen for taking the time and effort to record and upload all of that!

Friday afternoon we awoke and piled into Tim’s car to the Hilton Mark Center in Alexandria, Virginia for Magfest 8.  I can’t remember what time we arrived Friday evening but we could hear Metroid Metal rocking out downstairs.  We registered quickly and started to make our way around the place.   I was overwhelmed with the amount of games, never before have i seen so many different games in one place at one time.  Vendors galore, a ballroom full of consoles that you can sit in any empty seat and play to your hearts desire.  There was a large, open halway full of arcade machines from Super Mario Bros. to Pac Man to Donkey Kong to the 6 player X-Men arcade game.

We quickly realized there was an infinite amount of things to do and our stomaches were all horribly empty so before we jumped into anything serious we began to make our way back to the hotel lobby to see what we could do about food.  As we approched the front desk Tim recognized Kyle Justin and James Rolfe.  The next 10 minutes were spent with Phil, Tim, and I saying “No  you go over there…No, they’re checking in, it’s rude, you do it…grow a pair and do it already!…etc etc etc”  Finally I took it upon myself to approach them and we all talked for several minutes, got pictures taken, and James autographed my copy of that horrible abomination Nintendo calls “The Minish Cap”

I will mention here that the parking situation at Magfest was pure rubbish.  As we arrived we found the Hilton’s 3 story parking garage to be completely void of available parking and we were forced to resort to what everyone else was doing…parking in a fire lane (send the ticket to Tim plz).  I mention this because as we were eating at Olive Garden cars were being towed en masse from those very same fire lanes we had been parked in.  We arrived back at the hotel and somehow managed to get a place in the parking garage.

The real fun started now.  We attempted to seek out members from, who were doing a live charity marathon from Magfest.  As all of you know, nothing ever goes as planned, and because of issues with connectivity and wifi, the SDA crew was forced to relocate to a members house in nearby Arlington, Va.  Being guests for the SDA marathon we wouldn’t be needed for awhile so it was time to join the festivities.

Vendors..arcades…Nintendo 64, Jaguar, NES, SNES, Xbox, 360, PS1, PS2, Atari 2600, Coleco Vision, Genesis, Saturn, Wii, Gamecubes, PC, there was just too much to do!  We found a table with an empty N64 and Mario Kart and started running some races (oh how I have fallen).  Phil and I took a try at an odd Japanese shooter that appeared to be Hello Kitty meets Asteroids plus a lot of hallucinogens.  We tried our hand at  Japanese Guitar Hero game that must have been made on the planet Krypton.  An interesting rhythm game with very large tribal bongo drums held our attention for a bit, everything was catching my attention!

Checking out Vendors we saw games for everything imaginable…EXCEPT the cd-i.  I even saw a still packaged Virtual Boy for $120.  I purchased an R4 and Final Fantasy Legend I and III to complete my collection of GB final fantasy games.  Phil made some excellent purchases that I won’t quite yet reveal, I will give him that pleasure.  Tim bought a portable SNES with wireless controllers and a Dreamcast…NFL Blitz 2000 here we come!

So around 2am someone came to pick up Phil and Tim for SDA and I chose to stay at the Hilton…my ADD wouldn’t let me leave yet and i was DYING for some music.  I rocked out in an amazing chiptunes show until about 5:30 am.  acts such as Animal-Style, Zen Albatross, and other acts that have completely escaped my mind because of how little sleep I am currently operating on.

until tomorrow…or perhaps later tonight, after i sleep a little, i’ll leave you with this video of Zen Albatross performing during the late night/early AM chiptunes show.  Video and audio quality could have been better, but it’s all i got people :p


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  1. There’s only one thing I can say about how epic MAGfest was…OOOOHHWWWAAAAAAGHHH!!!

    That, and Phil is a lot taller than I thought. BTW I was the dude with the slime beanie and glasses…I think there were only like 2 other people with that beanie.

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