Metroid Other M website launch, release window announced

It has been over six months since we have last seen anything on Metroid Other M, but Nintendo was nice enough to launch a website. There is a track from the game, but I’ll assume it doesn’t represent 99% of the music in the title as its fairly slow piano playing. Something you would expect from a RPG site…like The Last Window.

The site also has a bit of text which translates to “A dream. It’s as if I was watching a playback of a tragedy that really happened.

Nintendo also revealed their release schedule for upcoming titles (which will be up in a minute in its own story) and they announced Metroid Other M will be hitting during the Summer 2010 in Japan.

So jump on over to the website.

(Via: Official Nintendo Magazine)
Thanks Masamune!

4 thoughts on “Metroid Other M website launch, release window announced”

  1. It seems like Samus will talk in this game.

    The way it started with the quote, then the black and white picture (fading into color) with the music reminded me of Kingdom Hearts. And like Kingdom Hearts, the music sounded kind of sad. I just imagine Samus standing there, reflecting on how she got to where she is, possibly trying to forget how her parents were killed (as if it were a dream).

    *Waits for someone to make sheet music of said song*

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