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There is a lot EA could do to mess up the new NBA JAM game, but looking at Nintendo Power’s details for the game shows that they seem to be going in the right direction to revive the franchise.

The game consists of two modes. Classic Campaign follows the rules of the past NBA JAM titles with the basic 3 on 3 gameplay. The other mode is called Remix Tour which changes many of the games core mechanics, but the developer kept tight lipped about the mode.

There will be new dunks for players to perform along with a new spin move that allows players to avoid shoves.

Players can use motion controls or can use the Wii remote side ways NES style.

NBA JAM goes for a interesting visual style. The characters bodies are in full 3D but their heads are 2D photographs of players faces. The faces are of a variety of emotions including three neutral emotions for running, a happy and sad face depending on the situation, and two faces for slam dunks. The faces use a blur effect so the transitions between them look less choppy.

Nintendo Power also listed off features including Fire, Shattering Backboard, Cheats, Flashing Shoes,Flashing ball, Big Head Mode, Legends, Playable Mascots, and Secret Characters.

NBA JAM is a Wii exclusive and will be available some time during 2010.

(Source Neogaf: here and here)

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