Netflix heading to Wii this spring

If you have been wanting to stream Netflix on your TV using your Wii then today is a good day for you. Nintendo and Netflix has announced that this spring Netflix’s online streaming service will be available on your Wii via a free DVD from Netflix similar to PlayStation 3’s set up.

The Wii unfortunately can’t play any content in HD obviously, but if you don’t have a Xbox live gold account or a PS3 then this may be the right choice for you.

If you want to order your DVD you can do so here. It is 100% free for any members who have a Netflix account that costs at least $8.99 a month.

Netflix told Joystiq that all of the content that is available for the other consoles is also available on Wii, so other then High Definition it should be quite similar to the PlayStation 3 service.

Again, you can expect the service to begin some time this spring.

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