New Duke Nukem titles on the way, Duke Nukem Forever still not dead

While the Duke Nukem franchise has been rather quiet since Duke Nukem Forever was announced, gamers are about to have a explosion of Duke Nukem titles to help make up for the years Duke has been laying low.

 In an interview with Gamesauce 3D realms CEO Scott Miller said that the company has big plans for Duke. “The next few years should see a strong resurgence in Duke. There are numerous other Duke games in various stages of development, several due out this year. We are definitely looking to bring Duke into casual gaming spaces, plus there are other major Duke games in production.” Miller said that almost all of these products are currently unannounced.  These unannounced titles may include the possible D-Day Duke Nukem teaser  that appeared late last year (horrah 2010) or possibly the rumored port of Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project to X-box Live Arcade.

Miller also confirm that the development on Duke Begins, that was being handled by Gear Box thedeveloper Border Lands and Brothers in Arms series, has been haulted as of July 2009.

While many believed Duke Nukem Forever would be forever buried, Millar reassures us that the  Duke Nukem Forever may never die. Miller said “We’ve never said that Duke Nukem Forever has ceased development. Yes, we released the internal team, but that doesn’t correlate to the demise of the project.” Clearly you should always bet on Duke, because he never dies.

(via: Shacknews)

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