Nintendo lets Eternal Darkness trademark expire

Silicon Knights’s Denis Dyack has been teasing the possible sequel to the Gamecube’s survival horror game Eternal Darkness for quite a few years now. While he never confirmed anything, he always said that they were intrested in doing the title and that there was still a chance for the series. Unfortunately it seems that it might not be the case anymore.

Nintendo dropped the trademark for the franchise which probably means they have no intent on continuing it at this time. While it doesn’t completely kill any chance of a sequel being made, it does make it less likely we will ever see one again.

I’m not too surprised though. Eternal Darkness, for the most part, is somewhat of a cult classic. And with games like Cursed Mountain, Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, Fatal Frame IV, and JU-ON The Grudge doing poorly in the sales department of Wii it doesn’t seem like there’s really any demand for survival horror titles.

(Source: GoNintendo)

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