Nintendo making a new Pokemon RPG on DS

Western audiences still don’t get Heart Gold and Soul Silver till march, but Nintendo is already pushing ahead with their next entry. According to multiple of Japanese website a new Pokemon RPG is in development and is set to hit this year in Japan.

The RPG is going to be a brand new title with brand new pokemon included. So what is so special about this one? The series is supposed to be getting revamped with new features and ways to play the game.

Are there any features you would like to see implemented into Pokemon? Possibly some current features you want taken out?

Why Totodile? I like Totodile.

(Source: GoNintendo)

13 thoughts on “Nintendo making a new Pokemon RPG on DS”

  1. I actually wish they’d wait until the “DS 2” is released. Even if it has some new features, it will look exactly the same, just with a new setting. We got Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, HeartGold, and Soulsilver already; that’s enough in my opinion.

    But what I would like to see implemented is evolution occurring mid-battle. It would make things easier for people who are training weak Pokemon with the EXP. Share.

    And also, even though this is highly unlikely, it would be nice if the game had seasons. Every season, different Pokemon would appear. However, you would still be able to find Pokemon from previous seasons in different areas at a different level. That way, you can still catch every Pokemon, but the order you catch them in is different, giving a unique play experience to those who start in different seasons.

    1. I agree with you on the whole seasons thing. And if they decide to add seasons, they need to add holidays aswell. Maybe it could be that on a holiday like Christmas, you go to a certain place and are able to find a special shiny Pokemon.

  2. I too must agree with picto on just about everything. I really do want my 3-d handheld pokemon battles, when the new handheld comes out. Just keep the overhead in the main world.

  3. The question is, will it stray from the traditional Pokémon style we all know and love? I’m not so sure about this, but we should all give it a try, I guess!

  4. I just thought, what if the opponent’s Pokemon gained EXP. as well, when they defeat your Pokemon? And then if evolving mid-battle is implemented, their Pokemon can evolve, too? It would make the game a bit tougher.

  5. it took a while for me to get into Pokemon diamond and pearl there characters (new Pokemon) didn’t seem to be as cool as the Pokemon from the good old days (red and blue)however i gave it a shot and yeah very enjoyable so good job Nintendo i pre-ordered Pokemon SS already my game stop recite taunts me until that precious day where i can get my SS game and play it at work ha-ha for hours on end anyways im curious to see wht 5th gen Pokemon will be like i do look forward to it

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