Nintendo of America says DS 2 details were “misinterperted”

About a week ago Iwata unleashed info on a variety of upcoming Nintendo products including the successor to the Nintendo DS.  Reportedly Iwata said that it will have “highly detailed graphics, and it will be necessary to have a sensor with the ability to read the movements of people playing.”

Nintendo of America’s senior director of corporate communications Charlie Scibetta is trying to swat that quote down by saying “Mr. Iwata did not make any comments regarding the functions of Nintendo’s future hardware systems.” Instead he blames the misinformation on the press source. “The answer to the reporter’s question was misinterpreted.

I’m not sure what to think about that. I’m sure their portable system will have improved visuals of some sort, but the question is if it will have motion controls. I’m not sure why Nintendo of America would try to sweep it under the carpet.

(Source: Kotaku)
(Image Source: Gearfuse)

4 thoughts on “Nintendo of America says DS 2 details were “misinterperted””

  1. Its a conspiracy i tell you!!! The “man” is trying to put the other “man” down and the government is in on it and..and… oh i’ll just wait for the next system.

  2. As soon as I see “Nintendo of America” before a retraction or “official statement” i put a chip on my shoulder. They’re just figure heads, how much do they really know?

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