Nintendo teasing “surprising” title in Nintendo Dream magazine

Nintendo Dream is teasing an upcoming title announcement from Nintendo. As of right now the only detail we know is that the title is from an already existing franchise.  Outside of that nothing else was mentioned, not even a platform.

Unless it is leaked early, we will need to wait a month for the new issue to be released in Japan. In the mean time sit tight.

(Via: GoNintendo)

27 thoughts on “Nintendo teasing “surprising” title in Nintendo Dream magazine”

  1. hmm my initial thoughts was maybe the Luigi’s mansion 2 that NOA just filled copyright papers for… But that’s taking the easy way out…

    Now my second guess would be what existing franchise could/would use the vitality sensor… Hmm Luigi’s mansion could incorporate that…

    Next its a Japanese publication, so that pretty much rules out all Western developed franchises….maybe.

    From that I would narrow it down to a Luigi game, Star Fox or a new Pokemon XD(Wii RPG).

    Just a guess lol.

    1. That’s actually a 100% excellent Idea with the vitality sensor. Although I can’t see it being anything else but gimmicky. Nintendo has proved me wrong before though.

    1. Most dlikely. Pikmin 3 has been confirmed but we no nothing about it, and Luigi’s Mansion’s been trademarked by Nintendo again, so hopefully that’s a sign~!

  2. You guys are all wrong. It’s Mario Paint 2, which has just been BEGGING for a sequel since the advent of touchscreen on the DS, and motion control on the Wii. 😀

  3. Mother Trilogy FTW?

    Since that is highly unlikely, Mario Paint would be nice. I made a bunch of amazing Mario Paint Composer songs/videos already and I’d have a lot of fun if it would be released.

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