OnLive works…kind of

The Beta for Onlive has started and now people really get a chance to see if the whole concept was just all talk. PC Perspective has their preview up and the previewer’s reaction was rather mixed.

According to Ryan Shrout of PC Perspective the OnLive service has a noticeable lag which, depending on the game, can be worked with or absolutely ruins the experience. Shrout said that the delay is so noticeable when playing games like Unreal Tornament 3 that the lag makes the game “simply unplayable.” He did note that using a  Xbox 360 controller made the exprience more bearable.

Shrout also said that the visuals weren’t as good as they could have been while playing locally and depending on the game he would notice some compression in the visuals.

On the bright side it seems that the service did deliver on the fact that more lower end PCs could play these games not using a too big of a chunk of processing power.

If you are interested in more of the finer details you should definitely check out PC perspective’s preview of OnLive. It’s a bit lengthy, but well worth a read.

(Via: Ars technica)

4 thoughts on “OnLive works…kind of”

  1. I expect the reason the reviews are mixed is in direct correlation to the distance away from and how many hops it takes to get to OnLive’s servers.

    With that said, this is a Beta so I’m sure they don’t have all their backbones setup yet…I imagine it’ll be improved on soon, and will probably be a decent competitor to consoles.

    1. Supposedly you’ll only need a 1.5 Mbps connection which today is only like $20 a month. In the article, the tester said the client was only using between 700-900 Kb/s…so that’s a good sign that almost anyone with broadband can use it.

      Also according to an article by, in April 08, nearly 60% of homes in the US had a broadband connection.

      I think it really comes down to the routing. They decided to buy pipelines directly to the ISP’s in order to get lower hops and therefore less latency.


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