Project Needlemouse features Sonic as the only playable character

SEGA was having a character countdown to show what characters would be playable in Project Needlemouse. Come day 5 only Sonic remained on the character list. So unless SEGA pulls a fast one, Sonic should be the only playable character in the title.

SEGA also released concept art for one of the enemies to appear in Project Needlemouse. You can check out the art after the jump.

(Source: Sega Blogs)


17 thoughts on “Project Needlemouse features Sonic as the only playable character”

  1. concept art and in game is usually totally different. Here’s hoping SEGA are looking at NSMB to see how 2d can still work.

    Now I just hope they drop the pre-teen nu-metal music and go back to the fast pace synth riffs.

  2. FINALLY. I’m still wary after Sega’s other “NO THIS TIME WE’RE GOING BACK TO OUR ROOTS” claims, but if Sonic’s the only playable character then it’s definitely a step in the right direction. I’m hoping for some nicely-animated 2D graphics to contrast with New Super Mario Bros’ 3D stuff.

  3. After seeing the uncrossed off list in that picture, I know the fast one they’re gonna pull. The Project Needlemouse Line-up is going to include Sonic and the 3 characters not on that list:

    Knuckles, Tails, and Mighty!


    Who am I kidding, they probably just forgot about him.

    1. Sounds like there might not be no Wii version in sight to me, to be honest. They’ve been talking about how this one’s going to be in High Def. since the first information of it came out, but the Wii can’t provide HD. Put that together with us not ever being told anything about it being Wii-capable (from what I’ve heard, anyway) and my hope for a tri-system title dwindles.

      Also, everyone forgets that you could play as Tails in Sonic 2, which is one of those ‘roots’ they keep talking about going back to (and is also my favorite in the series, personally).

  4. well, my dream was to make sonic 4 or 5 depending on if sega ever had the gall to make sonic 4. well, in my opinion, were either looking at sonic 2 HD(which would be really disappointing) or sonic 4. and to be honest, i couldnt be more excited.

    1. I’m kind of disappointed that Sonic’s New Friend Mr. Needlemouse was a fake-out, because there was a rumor that Burt Reynolds was contacted to do this supposed character’s voice. Now THAT’S a trainwreck I could have gotten behind.

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