58 thoughts on “Psychotaku – Umihara Kawase Shun”

  1. I actually had my eye on this game for quite awhile, but i didn’t know if it was good lol. I can’t say I’ll import it, but it’s good to know if I ever happen to trip over it some where here in America I’ll be like “U-BE-MINE-YO”

    Or if i can just find it cheap, idk lol.Well see if I ever get a job lol.

  2. Looks like Ruju will be appreciating that Lion 😀

    From looking at the first episode, I think I’m going to enjoy this guy. He’s funny and truthful…America needs to release more Japan games…and most people I know don’t read the game manual >.>

  3. That’s how all lions look when I’m around!

    I’m exactly like him when playing games. Yelling. Scrunching my face up. Throwing controllers. Speaking in Japanese.

    Soul mates <3

  4. Nowadays there is normally a half hour long tutorial at the beginning of most games that sum up the manual. I normally read the manuals just for storyline and character purposes. Though…it is always nice to have by for status ailments….So what cures Curse again? AH! A Holy Symbol!

  5. This was truly epic. I especially like how I was thinking “man this game looks a lot like Bionic Commando” and he was like “Bionic Commando fans will love it!”

    That game does look fun.

    And so true, the best stuff doesn’t get released in america :sad face:

  6. Loll That was Awesome! xD
    I loved every second of it!
    Especially liked the whole part with the instruction book.
    Never heard of that game before, but it looks entertaining!

    Cant wait to see the next one! xD

  7. Hey Guys,

    Thanks for all of the support. You guys are awesome. I’m sure you’ll love what the Psychotaku has in store! Be sure to check back. The Speed Gamers rule!

    Psychotaku! Otaku Saikoooo!

  8. Aha awesome stuff Psycho dude, I was about to say this looks strangely like Bionic Commando, and guess what it is. _awesome_ Lookin forward to future stuff from you.

  9. I wonder if the psycho taco reads these comments. Hes like a japanese blast from fedual japanese game’s past. Its just all types of awesome! You sir get my thumbs up. Psycho taco ftw

  10. Poor sakana nee… x___x

    this game is indeed fun and not at all a kid game. He forgot to say that it’s also avaliable for DS.

    lol psycotaku is fun. I’m even starting to like his high pitched voice =P


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