Q-Entertainment scoping possible PSN release of Rez HD

Last time Q-Entertainment spoke about Rez HD on PlayStation 3 they pretty much said it was out of the question, but now they’re showing a interest in bringing the Xbox 360 exclusive to the PlayStation 3.

We’re doing our best to gauge fan interest via things like our Twitter account, online polls, news stories, etc. This is literally a situation where the game will only happen if there’s enough demand,” Q-Entertainment said to 1UP.

Q-Entertainment is gauging how much players are willing to pay. On their twitter account they asked fans if they were willing to pay $15, $5 more then the Xbox Live version, for Rez HD on the PlayStation 3.

The developer also said that if they gave the project a green light they would look into adding support for the Trance Vibrator, but that they might not support it if it raises development costs too much.

(Source: 1UP)

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