Rumor: EA reviving NBA Jam

ESPN has been told by a inside source that EA will be reviving the NBA Jam franchise. The source also confirmed that the game is currently a Wii exclusive. The development team will include EA Vancouver along with a handful of developers from the original NBA Jam.

The title is currently planned as  a retail title and an announcement is due from EA later this month.

I would say that it is pretty likely, but figured I’d play it safe and mark it as a rumor.

(Source: ESPN)

4 thoughts on “Rumor: EA reviving NBA Jam”

  1. OH MAN! I miss this game so much! I miss playing the N64 one with my friends when we were supposed to be doing homework. Ah.. sweet memories. I hope this comes out to be a real deal!

  2. Ha, I used to love these games when I was a kid. I heard this same report on the ESPN show “SportsNation” today, so I definitely think this is going to happen. I think I just may pick this up for nostalgia’s sake. 😛

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