Rumor: Final Fantasy Dissidia heading to PS3 and 360

According to a Japanese gaming magazine Final Fantasy Dissidia may be heading to the home consoles.

The article about Final Fantasy Dissidia listed the title for both the PlayStation 3 and X-box 360. This could quite possibly be a misprint, but it is worth noting.

You can check out the magazine scan after the jump.

(Source: TheBitBag)

Dissidia for PS3 and 360

(Image Source: TheBitBag)

8 thoughts on “Rumor: Final Fantasy Dissidia heading to PS3 and 360”

  1. I really HOPE this is true. As most of anyone knows, I am a HUGE Final Fantasy fan, and not owning a PSP to get this game really does hurt meh. So I really hope confirmation on this comes soon.

  2. I’m hoping it’s not a port with upgraded graphics and a few add ons, because then I’ll be pissed. If it’s a brand new game with different/cooler cast of characters like Mage of Light, Leon, Female Onion Knight, Kain (who is shown in that picture), Galuf, Celes, Zack, Quistis, Beatrix, and Auron, then I’m all for it!

  3. Well, I believe the first game was pretty awesome, I’m hoping when this comes out, they decide to add more heroes and villains to the show.

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