Rumor: Infinity Ward working on MMO

Earlier today a rumor was going around that Infinity Ward wasn’t working on Modern Warfare 3 and instead was moving onto something new. Destructoid did some digging and found that Infinity Ward, who started that Call of Duty series, may be working on a MMO style game.

According to Destructoid, Infinity Ward has hired multiple employees from Sony Online Entertainment, the team behind EverQuest 2.

We don’t know if the MMO will be a part of the Call of Duty franchise or something completely new. But we do know that Activision was looking into making a CoD at one point.

What ever Infinity Ward’s next project is we probably won’t hear about it for awhile since Modern Warfare 2 just launched late last year.

4 thoughts on “Rumor: Infinity Ward working on MMO”

  1. SOE are already working on Planetside 2, aren’t they? And now they’re gonna work with infinity ward on a competing MMO?
    Go MW3, I need closure on the single player!

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