Sega “probably not” creating more M rated titles for Wii

SEGA took quite a gamble with Wii releasing not only three mature games, but two of which were new IPs as well. While the titles did okay, they didn’t really break any sale records. Despite low sales SEGA said they would continue to stick by the market, unfortunately that is no longer the case.

On the 4 Guys 1UP Podcast Constantine Hantzopoulos, one of SEGA’s studio directors, talked about the low performance of their titles on Wii. After explaining the situation of The Conduit, House of the Dead Overkill and Mad World Hantzopoulous said “…are we going to do more mature titles for the Wii? And it’s like, probably not.

Hantzopoulos says that the final nail in the coffin was the poor performance of Dead Space Extraction.

(Via Nintendo Everything)

One thought on “Sega “probably not” creating more M rated titles for Wii”

  1. Not a shock, or a surprise.

    Nintendo forces the majority of hardcore gamers to find those fixes via other consoles. The single console install base( in this case a Wii Family) just doesn’t have a large enough hardcore demographic for developers to get excited about.

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