TheSpeedGamer’s Mega DVD..FINALLY

Sorry for the long delay, so many roadblocks kept this video from getting done. My hard drive failed me a couple of months ago, I lost hours upon hours of editing and work on the DVD. I also lost a lot of footage…GRRR. Luckily I still had some video on my camera. The version embedded below is basically raw and unedited, sorry for that. I figured the release had been delayed enough that I should just throw up what little I have . We will not be selling this in our store like I had planned because of the lack of polish.

In the future I’d like to record the behind the scenes of another marathon and be able to do a DVD to the quality I had envisioned.

A lot of video quality loss happened when being transferred to the website. Hopefully I will get around to uploading a much better quality version to our youtube account.


for the rest of the the videos click “Read More”

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22 thoughts on “TheSpeedGamer’s Mega DVD..FINALLY”

  1. man, I was worried there for a minute. At first only one of the videos showed up, even on the comics page. I was like, wait there’s only 16 minutes? Wow. And now there’s a whole lot! i know exactly what I’m doing once i get home. >.<

  2. I gotta say, pretty dang epic.

    I was disappointed at on the last video…it only went for about 8 minutes then pure blackness. -_-

    I want more waaaaah! lol

  3. “I didn’t do anything! It was, it was, it was… ferenc.”
    Lol rob, lol. I’m sorry about that too, the audio was messed up for a few minutes before I got it fixed. Oh and Rob if you read this, I’m also really sorry that you didn’t get to play your games. Oh and the Final Countdown was played like 15 times before my game was over… lol

    1. Yeah, they have a lot of stuff there. They said it was their uncles place? He must be pretty rich…to even have his own mini casino no less….=s

  4. I’ll never forget suggesting the most wonderfully inappropriate songs for Tyler to play during Ferenc’s game. And he finally won during Afternoon Delight. I firmly believe that Anchorman had a factor in beating Battle Network 3 😀

  5. lol that was awesome @.@ but i wonder what happend to the last like 10 mins in the last video it just goes black all that game, were u trying to make a soprano’s ending 😛

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