88 thoughts on “TSG Update!”

  1. Yes I am aware that the pic at the start was kinda a spoiler but youtube said it could take 6 hours to change that pic so I didn’t want to be attacked by angry forum members who were waiting on the video…


  2. AW MAN. Psychotaku is awesome. I’ve been watching his videos for a while and they are hilarious. It’s awesome that his videos are going to be on TSG now.

  3. Uhh…WAT? O…K… (freakout over) this guy is crazy, but…intresting? i think? maybe? oh well, this will make the interrim period between marathons…more intresting.

  4. Aha this guy is pretty awesome. I love it how it transitioned to Brit, and then the Psycho Otaku appeared then Britt was all, yeaa… we got nothin >_> Lol this guy is crazy but yet interesting at the same time…I think he will talk about Anime but thats just me <__<

  5. I typed out a response earlier but forgot to press enter, hahah. But this guy looks like he’s going to be a great addition to the blogs. I can’t wait to check out his videos! πŸ˜€

  6. rofl, this caught me completely off guard. I can’t say that I’ve heard of this “Psycho Otaku” fellow before, but I’ll definitely be looking forward to this.

  7. This guy looks like he will be quite entertaining, cause everyone knows, crazy obsessed Japanese guys are hilarious.

    On a side note though, am I imagining it or did he call Britt “Chase”? Hahaha that’s one for the books there. It only furthers the stereotype that Britt is just “Chase with glasses”

    1. Sorry, I also have to say how he’s the phsyco otaku? Well how he interferied with Britt’s camera made me think of the phsyco mantis! lol πŸ˜€

  8. Mention The GameOverthinker and he will cry.

    And I am SO challenging him to an obscure gaming collection contest *Pulls out collection of weird JRPG’S, Eroges and fighting games*

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