TvsC producer interested in creating Vs. game with Nintendo or Square-Enix

Tatsunoko vs. Capcom is finally out and on store shelves in North America and Producer Ryota Niitsuma is already thinking about the next step for the series.

There are a whole lot of properties that I would like to work with, a whole lot of game developers I’d like to work with in America. I’d love to do something with Nintendo maybe, or Square Enix, maybe do something with them. That would be pretty cool.

That would be pretty cool indeed since Nintendo and Square-Enix probably have some of the biggest fan bases along with a huge cast of characters they could offer to the Vs. series.

(Source: Nintendo World Report)
(Image Source: Nintendo World Report)

19 thoughts on “TvsC producer interested in creating Vs. game with Nintendo or Square-Enix”

    1. That’s a whole three fighting games for Nintendo and merely….three fighting games for Square-Enix. Big whoop. >.>

      If you’re going to talk about the difference of success between SSB and the SE fighting games, I’d argue that SE has already been hugely successful with another crossover series: Kingdom Hearts.

  1. The one question I have is if it will be on the VS engine or the smash engine. This is probably going to be debated more than anything else in gaming history, even beating out all the current and past console wars that have ever existed.

  2. I would love for either of those to happen. That would make the games so much more epic then they already are. If it would be square I hope they would include more then just final fantasy characters though.

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