What marathon are you looking forward to us doing most in 2010?

Leave your comments on which marathon you’re looking forward to seeing us do most in 2010? Feel free to elaborate.

Metroid– March 12-15. | Mother (Earthbound)– May 7-9 | Week long Mario Marathon Marathon-June| Prince of Persia/ Assassin’s Creed– Aug| Castlevania Oct 29-31| Kingdom Hearts – December|


64 thoughts on “What marathon are you looking forward to us doing most in 2010?”

  1. I’m going to have to say Metroid or Mario… two reasons.. Metroid, not only because it will be my one year here at TSG, but to metroid is a great series to see…

    Mario because well i’m sure all of us grew up playing with mario but seeing you guys do most of them will be interesting to see

  2. Hmmmmmmmmmmm………… It’s a close one between Metroid and Mario, but I’m gonna say Mario simply because it’s a week long. One week of TheSpeedGamers? What’s better? (besides TWO weeks…. hmm…)

  3. Prolly Kingdom Hearts (are you including coded and *shiver* that mobile phone port of the first game? oh, which (or both) of COM and Re:CoM?), if not the mainstay that is Metroid.

    However, have you folks considered a Wario marathon (including the Wario Lands/World and the WarioWares)?

  4. Kingdom Hearts! Oh but the Assassin’s Creed/Prince of Persia will be cool too. And Earthbound, my 1 year anniversary x3 It’ll be cool to see how many people come/play for the one week Mario marathon!

    So many good ones!

  5. I can’t choose, they all look so good!
    If I had to choose it would be a tie between Mario, Metroid and Kingdom Hearts! Since Kingdom Hearts is my favourite ever series I’ll say that! =D It’s all looking good!

  6. I’m debating between Mario and Kingdom Hearts. I grew up with the Mario series. I remember playing Duck Hunt and Mario as a young young child around the age of three. It was a great time to be had by all. Kingdom Hearts was when I started to seriously become a gamer and was one of the funnest experiences I ever had. I give it’s success as a gamer and It’s very hard to pick between the two. 😀

  7. hey if u guys ever need help with the kingdom hearts series i can help! My friend InuNaruPokeAlchemist might of mention me. I kno the games inside out and if you have nay questions you can turn to me!

  8. As the co-resident Mother/EarthBound fan of the forums (shared title with nmufred), I think it’s quite obvious what marathon I’M looking forward to. Ever since the beginning of last year, I’ve grown into the full-on Mother fan I am today. I loved the last Mother marathon, and can’t wait to see this one! And I’m sure we’ll be getting the full support of Starmen.net, which I actually happen to go to myself. That’s not to say I’m not excited for the other marathons, oh no. It’s just that when one of my favorite game series is getting it’s own marathon, I can’t help but get excited.

  9. I, admittedly, have never heard of Castlevania or Prince of Persia. I’m most looking forward to the Mario Marathon, although Metroid comes next. Least looking forward to Kingdom Hearts. Hate all Disney games.

  10. im gonna have to say kingdom hearts. and heres something im gonna tell u guys about the upcoming “birth by sleep”; if u plan on playing it in the marathon (cuz it comes out in japan on jan. 9th 2010), then buckel up. cuz this game has 3 senarios. and each senario is about 15 hours long (thats excluding all the preparing, grinding, do-overs for when u die, ect.). so be prepared for birth by sleep. and also, i have a castlevania beanie i won from making it to the semi finals in a big melee tourtament for the release of brawl. i could donate it as a prize for the castlevania marathon. (will be needed to wash first)

  11. I love Kingdom Hearts! It’s my second favorite video game series ever (next to Zelda). And I really want to watch the Mario Marathon but I won’t be able to seeing as I won’t have a computer then.

  12. It’s a tie between Kingdom Hearts and the week long Mario one. KH is my favourtie series (with Zelda at a very close second) so I’m really looking forward to it, but since the week long Final Fantasy marathon was such a huge success, I bet the Mario one will top even that and I can’t wait to see if it does.

  13. The metroid marathon due to it being around the time i started coming here. But mostly the mario marathon cause your last one week marathon got you a few news stories and that was a huge step for TSG to tell people that where doing more then just playing/watching video games for fun where helping alot of people.

  14. I’ve gotta say the weeklong Mario. In my book, a week of TSG is better then 72 hours. Also, Mario can be really fun to watch and the weeklong FF marathon remains as my favorite marathon. Hopefully Mario will top that!

    I might have to go with Mario because who doesn’t love Mario..and because it’s just so awesomely crazy and fun to watch things progress over a whole week. But I’m freakishly excited for pretty much ALL the marathons.

  16. This is a very hard choice but the Mario marathon is the one I am looking forward to the most the next being metriod because I started watching you back at your first metriod marathon.

    1. For me it’s a tie between Kingdom Hearts and Mario. Kingdom Hearts is just an amazing series. Mario is awesome, too, but even more importantly a week of TSG is FTW!

  17. Like I said before, great marathon lineup. I am really looking forward to 2010 with TSG. Now for the one I have to say I have been waiting to see the most is the Metroid Marathon. That is going to be epic. I am also really looking forward to Mother/Earthbound Marathon and the Prince of Persia/Assassin’s Creed one as well.

  18. I cant wait for the Kingdom Heart marathon. Does anyone know if there going to play all of the KH games (Final Mix,Re: Chain of memories)or any other side KH games

  19. If I had to say 1, it’ll be the Mario Marathon.

    1, because I enjoyed last years Mario Marathon from another gaming group, and I know TSG will do an excellent job with out own Mariothon. 😀

    2, Mario is one of my favorite video game series with so many varieties in the franchise that I enjoy playing. (Party, Tennis, DDR, Adventure, RPG, etc.)

    3, It’s with TSG, and since both are crazy epic, this 168 hour marathon is gonna be awesome, but hard to describe all the epicness that’ll occur.

    I also look forward to Metroid, for the 2nd anniversary for TSG. Mother because Im excited to see us playing for Susan G. Komen again. Kingdom Hearts, because I know a lot of my friends here love this series and are excited to see it finally arrive.

  20. Mario Marathon, if I had to choose only one. 😛

    Its gonna be so awesome, especially being a whole week long, and I seriously enjoyed the Mario games in all my life of gaming. Like Party, RPGs, Sports, Adventure/Platform, etc. All are so awesome, and adding it with TSG (since TSG is also awesome), we got an awesome sauce marathon coming our way. 😀

    But.. I still look forward to Metroid (being the 2nd year of TSG), Mother (for Susan G. Komen), and Kingdom Hearts (because Im excited to see a marathon thats been requested/suggested for a long time and is finally here).

    Cant wait for all of these marathons this year. 😀

  21. man…mario is going to be the most intense since it’s a week long, but i have to say i’m excited about the Earthbound/Mother marathon the most.

  22. I’d say the Mario bros. one, ’cause out of all the other ones, Mario bros. is the only series one I’ve played(exept Super metroid & Metroid Prime 3), so it be fun watching you guys play! can’t wait! ^_^

  23. Definitely the Mother marathon! I didn’t get to watch as much of it as I wanted to last time. I’m also excited for the Kingdom Hearts one. Hope I don’t end up missing either of them like I did with the FF marathon. orz

  24. Definitely Metroid and Castlevania. I love these two game series are two of my all time favorites.

    Plus, Metroid is a bit nostalgic for me in TSG terms. It was the first marathon I ever saw. It was easily one of the most fun times in my life and I will never forget it. 😀

  25. As much as I love Mother, what I’m looking forward to is the week long Mario Marathon 😀 Our week long one went so well last year, and I hope this one goes well too, even better in fact!

  26. All of them, of course, but especially Mario and Kingdom Hearts! But all of them is gonna be freakin’ awesome! Just as all of the I have ever seen have been!

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