360 Final Fantasy XIII console bundles for North America and PAL regions

In Japan Final Fantasy XIII got a awesome PS3 console bundle with a special lighting PS3 slim model, but outside of Japan we get our own set of goodies with a Xbox 360 bundle.

North America will be getting a special 250GB Xbox 360 bundle. The package includes two wireless controllers, a standard copy of Final Fantasy XIII and downloadable items for your avatar. The games 250GB harddrive has “Final Fantasy XIII” engraved across the top.

The PAL Special Edition console bundle includes everything the North American one has, but those who preorder it at select retailers will receive a limited edition Final Fantasy XIII face plate while supplies last. Square-Enix plans bringing the face plate to North America as well, but didn’t release details on how to obtain it.

Europe also has a Elite package which has your standard copy Final Fantasy XIII game bundled with a 120GB Xbox 360 elite system.

You can check out all the bundles and special items after the jump.

(North American Details Source: Destructoid)

(NA Bundle, harddrive, and faceplate source: Destructoid)

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  1. Not that it isn’t cool that we get a bundle and everything, but judging on looks, I don’t see a reason to get it. the coolest part is the engraved hard drive…

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