Capcom looking at possibilities of localizing Monster Hunter Frontier

It’s no secret the Monster Hunter fanbase outside of Japan is small. Capcom repeatedly has said that they plan on trying to find a way to break the series into the western markets, but have so far failed. According to Capcom’s Keiji Inafune the company may be eyeing Monster Hunter Frontier as their next shot as popularizing the franchise.

In a interview with Famitsu, Keiji Inafune said “I feel Monster Hunter can definitely succeed overseas. There’s a high possibility that MHF will kickstart that.

While this is no confirmation, it does make the release of the title in the west seem likely. Capcom has also said in the past they plan on making Monster Hunter Tri a hit here, the question is which will be the one to do it? Or will they both work to make a foundation for the series on two separate platforms?

(Source: andriasang)

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