Final Fantasy XIV listed for Xbox 360 in employee resume

Final Fantasy XIV so far has only been announced for PlayStation 3 and PC, but it looks like a Xbox 360 version may be in the works.

Yuuki Akama, who is listed as “Lighting Lead”, listed Final Fantasy XIV on her Linked In work resume. The juicy part though is for the conosles she lists not only the PC and PlayStation 3 but the Xbox 360 as well.

This could be a simple mistake. I know I’ve done it before when listing out HD platforms in the past. But we already know Square-Enix showed interest in bringing the MMO to the Xbox 360. They pretty much just made it sound like they were waiting for Microsoft to give the green light.

Also if you haven’t already and are interested you can sign up for the PC beta of Final Fantasy XIV.

(Source: Siliconera)

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