Gladiator A.D. gets a total makeover; Due out this May as “Tournament of Legends”

High Voltage Software announced Gladiator A.D. early last year and the title had a very realistic, and honestly some what generic, style. High Voltage Software has decided to change the games setting and art style quite a bit since its original announcement though.

Gladiator A.D. is being renamed to Tournament of Legends and has a more mythological approach to gladiator fighting. There is still one gladiator, but now the game includes a minotaur, a valkyrie, a stone golem, and more Mytholgical creatures.

With the new Mythology approach the team was able to go beyond normal melee attacks and added around 40 magic spells as well for certain characters.

These were most of the details announced in the press release, but IGN got some hands on time with the game and  dug up some new details that go beyond the press release. Check out a quick rundown of the details from their impressions and a handful of screen shots from the press release after the jump.

Tournament of Legends total character count amouts to 10 characters. Each have their own story with the ultimate goal of defeating Thanatos.

Players start with a single weapon, but as they progress they will be able to take other characters weapons holding up to three weapons: one light weapon, one medium weapon, and one heavy weapon. You can equip the weapon you plan on using before the start of a round. Characters can use certain attacks to knock off enemy armor to deal more damage to the players health.

The game uses your standard Wii Remote and nun-chuck set up and also includes support for the Classic Controller. Motion+ support seems like a no brainer for this game, but High Voltage Software said that the addition created balancing issues and felt the control scheme they had was suitable so there will be no Motion+ support.

Battles take place on eight different stages, and like other fighting games, each game is divided into multiple rounds with a 90 second time limit. In-between rounds players can either shake the Wii Remote or rotate the analog stick to recover health.

Tournament of Legends is set for a May 18th release from by the publisher SEGA and, unlike The Grinder, remains a Wii exclusive. If you are interested definitely check out IGN’s full impressions.

(Screen shots Source: SEGA USA Blog)

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