Heavy Rain motion controller announcement coming?

Sony’s  motion controller will be landing this Fall, but in terms of software supporting it we haven’t heard much.

Despite Heavy Rain releasing next week, David Cage, head of Quantic Dream, is teasing a possible announcement regarding motion controls for the game.

The very first version of the game design was based on motion control, but it was not feasible at the time,” Cage said. ” But all the controls of the final version of Heavy Rain is still based on motion.”

There are currently some minor motion controls using the Sixaxis in the final game, but it looks like we might be able to expect a more indepth motion controller over the game in the future.

I have a lot of interest in Sony’s motion device and there is a good chance that we announce something about it in the coming weeks.

I haven’t even touched the Heavy Rain demo so I can’t say if I think it would work out or not. Do you think it would enhance the experience? Or just create a useless alternative?

(Source: Kotaku)

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