Localized version of Yakuza 3 loses some content

SEGA announced today that during the localization of Yakuza 3 they cut out the Japanese history trivia game in the title as well as the hostess club.

SEGA explained to IGN that they only had a certain amount of time to localize the title so things got cut, but also said that the features cut wouldn’t have made much sense to localize in the U.S. or U.K. anyways.

A SEGA Europe rep posted on the SEGA blog about the removal saying the cut was essential. “Ultimately, the choice that had to be made was either no Yakuza 3 in the west, or a version of the game that was almost exactly the same, but with a little less trivia.

SEGA assures that none of the content that was cut would interfere with the story of the main flow of  Yakuza 3. Players can still date hostesses as well…they just can’t make use of the hostess clubs.

Yakuza 3 launches March 9th in North America and March 12th in Europe exclusively for the PlayStation 3.

(Image Source: IGN)

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